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Juan and Kimmy’s love story started 5 years ago when Juan saw a picture of Kimmy on a mutual friends Facebook.  At the time, Kimmy was in a different relationship but little did they know they were destined for each other.  Kimmy eventually became single again.  This is when her childhood friend decided to set […]

What a fun shoot! Gigi + Jessy are truly the best. I could tell that we would be a great fit from the beginning. They were so natural and effortless in front of the lens and they have a one of a kind connection. They encourage each other and make each other laugh. After the […]

I grew up with Krissy at church. We didn’t get close til about 4 years ago. It was 11-12-13. I reached out to her when I was going to a really rough time in my life (mid twenties crisis). We met up at Panera Bread. Right then and there, she told me the good news […]