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Happy Woo Wednesdays! My parents are celebrating their 40th anniversary this weekend and renewing their vows. We are having a “Crazy Rich Asians” themed party. This is so fitting because my parents are both actors. You can check out their work here. 2woos. My parents have taught me so much, how to be fearless, go […]

Happy Woo Wednesdays! I love when my clients turn into life long friends. Trina Kotagi has become a good friend and she has also become my business accountant and money coach. You can see wedding here. Today is is a guest blogger and talks about financial tips for couples. If you would like coaching, you […]

Happy Woo Wednesday. I had an intense and productive discovery call with Fiber and Dye. Lisa asked me numerous probing questions that made me scratch my head. I can’t wait to take you along my re-branding journey. Today on the blog Lisa from Fiber and Dye walks us though seasonal brand personality that will help […]

Happy Woo Wednesdays! I am leaving for Croatia on Monday for a wedding with Ede By Jacqueline. Do not disturb until August 14th. After the wedding I will spend 3 days in Rome, woohoo! I’ve have traveled for weddings to Thailand, Hawaii numerous times, Chicago, NY, Taiwan and Paris so I have some experience with destination […]