palm springs engagement / kaysee + darren

Palm Springs with Kaysee + Darren just made my day. We started the day off by doing a vendor walk through at the Palm Springs Zoo, it was amazing and I seriously can’t wait for their big day. Then we got the shoot started at the coolest spot in Palm Springs. I’m just obsessed with all the color.

Words from Kaysee: Darren and I met 10 years ago when I was 17 and he was 21 at a house party. We noticed each other, but didn’t exchange numbers because I was too young for him—plus, he was really into playing beer pong with his friends.

Fast forward three years and we saw each other at another house party (we must like to party!) and finally talked + exchanged numbers…actually, I told him to take my number. We went on our first date and it was horrible. He wasn’t a talker and I love to talk!I was set on just being his friend.

Since things didn’t workout during the first date, we stayed friends and saw each other from time to time because of our mutual friends. A couple of years passed and after I got out of a relationship, I ran into Darren again and we began talking. My heart wasn’t in the right place and I told him it wouldn’t be fair to rebound off of him because I respected our friendship.

We talked on and off with months in between and about 2 years later, my friend tricked me into a Vegas trip (I didn’t know Darren was going!) and that same friend tricked Darren into going to Coachella (he didn’t know I was going!). Darren and I really connected during both occasions and the rest is history! I guess what they say is true: third time’s a charm! But, we believe that everything happens for a reason and on its own time…and, a little party never hurt nobody!

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