malibu beach engagement photographer / ally + Jeff

I had so much fun getting to know Ally and Jeff during this shoot. We had a nice long drive to Malibu and back. They are fun loving and so in love. We started the shoot at Malibu Cafe, the cutest place in the world and then headed to the beach for some magical light. I’m obsessed with her red flow dress from Lulus.
Words from the bride:
Jeff and I met online.  However, it wasn’t long before we realized that our lives were intertwined in so many ways, it’s like we were meant to find each other.  We grew up in similar circles and know a lot of the same people but our paths never seemed to cross.
We enjoy hiking, visiting museums, and traveling to different places.  Jeff is a hobby photographer and I have grown to love taking pictures of him taking pictures.  In my head, my favorite pictures to take are ones where I get to capture him doing what he loves.  While I am the one who definitely enjoys hiking more, we always find hikes, outings, etc that fit what we both enjoy (me the hiking/adventuring and Jeff the photography).  It’s made for some amazing memories (:  What we love most about us is we can be doing something adventurous or just watching tv at home, and both are equally as fun.
Personally I love that Jeff is the calm to my crazy.  I am definitely a type A planner while he is go with the flow.  He balances me.
Quote from Jeff, “I love her ecstatic behaviors.  She overly shows her happy/excited emotions.  It brightens my day.”

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