palos verdes engagement photographer / angela + dereck

I’m so in love with this Palos Verdes shoot with Angela + Dereck. They are just a breathe of fresh air and so in love. I’m just obsessed with college sweetheart stories. We started the shoot at Wayfarers Chapel, headed to Malaga Cove and then ended the shoot at Rat Beach in Redondo. I could not take bad photo of these two.

Words from Angela: Derek and I first met during my junior year of college. He was an Irish boy on a J-1 Visa living in the Bay Area at the time. The night we met, I was at a fraternity party and he and his buddies managed to get in. Long story short, he forgot my name, I stormed off with attitude, he chased me all the way to my house and we ended up talking for hours. From that night I knew we had an instant connection and that we’d be inseparable.

Unfortunately, his year-long Visa ended the following summer and he had to go back to Ireland. We ended up doing long distance for almost a year and a half. He would travel to LA every 5 months or so and I flew over to Ireland once as well. We knew we wanted to fight for our relationship, but the future was uncertain. Luckily, he found a job that would sponsor his Visa again. We were over the moon with excitement with this news! He has been living here in LA ever since.
Derek and I have been together over 5 years now and we will be getting married in May 2020. We can’t wait to start this new chapter in our lives.

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