palos verdes engagement photography / diana + alvin

This Palos Verdes session with Diana + Alvin. I am so in love with their relationship. They have been married for 3 years already but they are having their wedding this year. It was so fun listening to Alvin play some of my favorite songs on the guitar, especially Hands Down by Dashboard Confessional.
We were cracking up this whole shoot and I love the jumping shots at the end. They got some air! Can’t wait for their big day.
Words from the bride: We met while working at starbucks about 8 years ago. After awhile, he left after graduating college and i left for the military. All of our starbucks friends were suppose to meet at TGIF for a reunion, but NO ONE showed up, except me. I was waiting and waiting (i was also sick) and Alvin told me he was on his way. I really thought about just leaving him, lol but i decided to stay and wait. We went to the bar, had some appetizers, and talked. I wanted to go home, but Alvin had the night off and wanted to hang out. So we went got coffee, then went to little tokyo to see his friends play (band). After, according to him, it was cold and i linked arms with him just to be a little flirtatious. I dropped him off at his house and we went our separate ways. I went back to South Carolina and he went on with his life. We did start to text each other more and got to know each other better and from there on we never stopped.
What i really love about Alvin is how much he makes me laugh. He was such a pleasant surprise in my life and vise versa. Though we only dated for 4 months before we got married, it has allowed us to grow and become stronger, especially with the distance. A few friends know, but i’ve always wanted a guy who can play the guitar so i can just sit there and listen to him play. I can’t believe i found him! We both love star wars, basketball and do our best to support each others careers and life. He’s my best friend and my starbuck lover ;). We are excited to just celebrate and have a good time with our friends and family at our wedding.

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