sand dunes engagement photographer / carissa + jeremy

Wow, this is one of my all-time favorite engagement session. We started at Pasta Sisters, Carissa and Jeremy’s favorite date spot. They opened it just for us. Pasta Sister’s will be catering Carissa and Jeremy’s wedding at Hudson Loft.

We drove 4 hours to get to the Sand Dunes and it didn’t disappoint holy cow, it was seriously Heaven shooting there. I love the blue gown Carissa wore by Vene Ai. Blue Door Creative is planning their wedding and it’s going to be Epic. Can’t wait for their big day!

Words from the Groom:

  • How we met – we actually first met each other while we were still dating our exes (our exes were friends). Eventually, I broke up with my ex. I hung out with Carissa and her ex here and there and always thought she was really awesome (especially after I learned that she liked IPAs omg) and that her boyfriend was kind of an ass, but I never did anything about it because who wants to be a homewrecker. About one year after I became single, Carissa and her ex split up and I knew this was my big chance. I hit her up immediately and we clicked really well and I definitely had a strong feeling about her. Her wounds were still fresh though (understandably so) so she wasn’t ready for anything. I had to wait patiently for 2+ months while hanging out with her yet somehow keep our relationship friendly without crossing any lines. She eventually came around (finally!), but we still didn’t become a couple until 3 months after these long first 2 months. Sorry, this story didn’t end up being scandalous despite the opening :p
  • What we do – EAT!!! I feel like we’re the two most compatible eaters there are, meaning we pretty much family style between the two of us every where we go. We love the same cuisines, flavors, styles, dishes – pretty much everything! It’s really perfect. We also love traveling together, watching movies, anime, attend concerts, like a lot of the same music (which is huge for me since nearly all of my friends hate the music I listen to).
  • What I love about her – I love her patience, her INSANE ability to cook amazing food, her smile, the way she smothers me when we go to sleep (except on hot summer days), her willingness to try new things with me, the fact that she likes IPAs. The list can go on for forever, but these were just a few random ones I picked out.

Words from the bride:

  • We met through our exes. Jeremy’s ex was friend’s with my ex, we met a few times casually. The first time was at a shabu restaurant. It wasn’t until after my ex and I broke up that we started to get to know each other, he and his ex had broken up the year previous. I was new to LA and Jeremy had asked me to go out to dinner at Misfits in Santa Monica and drinks. The night was fun and conversation was easy. From that night on we talked and hung out frequently. After awhile I knew Jeremy wanted to be more than friends, but initially I had wanted to take it slow. He eventually won me over with his patience, kindness, and caring nature.
  • As a couple we love traveling and eating together! I would say a big part of our vacations revolve around food that we want to try. Our most recent trip to San Sebastian, Spain involved pintxo bar hopping for a few days! We may have only been together for almost 2 years but in that time span we have been to 6 different countries together, and by the wedding day it will be 8. We also love watching anime together, I got to introduce him to some of my favorites like Food Wars and Attack on Titan.
  • What I love about Jeremy- (just a few things, not the complete list obviously 🙂 –  I love how thoughtful he is. Sometimes even before I ask him to do something for me he has already volunteered to come to help me. While I cook he will help me chop veggies, wash dishes and etc. If I need to pick up something from the pharmacy he volunteers to get it for me. I love how caring he is, not just to his friends and family. I love how he continually tries to get to know my friends and family, and how they get along. I love how he looks at me and makes me feel loved and warm inside.


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