vasquez rocks engagement / jackie + tyler

I’m obsessed with this session at Vasquez. I saw this location on instagram and wanted to check it out. The drive was totally worth it. I met Jackie + Tyler through a friend. We went on a trip to big bear and spend New Years Eve together. I just met them but Tyler told us that he was going to propose the next week. I was thrilled when they called me to shoot their wedding.

Words from Jackie:

Tyler and I met at UCSB my second year, and his first year (he transferred from CC to the UC). We lived down the hall from each other, and ended up meeting at a friends birthday party. I remember that I was feeling uncomfortable because I had moved into that apartment complex not too long before and didn’t know anyone that well. He grabbed my hand to comfort me, and I turned to him and smiled. A couple days after he messaged me and told me that I looked beautiful, and that he had saved a note in his phone that said “Jackie is too perfect, get to know her ASAP”. It may be cheesy to say, but It was definitely a love at first sight type of situation. I love how down to earth and sweet he is, and he loves how supportive I am. When we got engaged after dating for 5 years, we knew right away that we wanted to get married at Mount Palomar Winery. There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t talk about how excited we are to spend the rest of our lives together. It was so easy to turn to each other and show the camera how much we love each other for our engagement pictures, and Carissa and Shayla were so amazing and funny. Every picture they took turned out absolutely perfect.


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